Ever dreamt of seeing your artwork in lights? What about wrapped around an environmentally friendly takeaway cup? Paper Cup Project is your chance to achieve that feat.

Paper Cup Project proudly supports local artists in their plight to gain exposure, and get their work into the hands of the community. Literally. Because when you think about it, who doesn’t love a little something hot on-the-go, with a ‘grammable presence?

Social media is the heavyweight when it comes to marketing, but we see power and potential in the humble takeaway. Paper Cup Project combines the two. Not only will you gain recognition for your work, Paper Cup Project will showcase your collaboration and help establish a #hashtag to encourage public interaction.

Essentially, Paper Cup Project is the producer in the equation. We pair up artists with cafes and tie in a charity for good measure. How it works is we showcase your artist profile to cafes, and if they think your style compliments their business you’ll be requested to work on the design. If you already have a café onside and wish to bypass the submission rigmarole, email us and cc’ in your crew.

Sound like your kind of gig? Simply download our submission guide below, and let’s start painting a new picture. Important note: This is an exposure-based opportunity for up and coming artists. At this time, those choosing to take part will not paid for their work.