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Compostable Paper Cups Perth Melbourne


Samples & Product Catalogue

Changing suppliers can be scary, will the cup be too hot in my customers hands? will the lid not fit properly? Will my barista stop talking to me?

Don’t worry we get it, our cups are the best of the best and we’d be happy to prove it to you.

Simply fill out the form below and we will get FREE samples to you ASAP

Custom print

The answer is YES! we do custom print jobs. Does this sound familiar; I have no room in my cafe to store all the cups or I can’t afford to pay for all the cups at once.

Paper Cup Project offers custom storage and payment solutions!

PLUS We have a database of talented local artists should you need help with artwork too!

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Compost service

Our organics service will take all food scraps (including meat, dairy and confectionary), paper products such as napkins, paper bags and paper straws, and other organic waste such as coffee grounds.

If you would like a FREE Waste Management Audit or to register for our compost service click the button below.