The goal: make environmentally friendly cups that give back to the local community. Otherwise, what’s the point?

We see Paper Cup Project as a vehicle not only to showcase artists but to spread the good work of not-for-profits. Your charity is doing what it can to make a positive change, drum up attention, and get donations. Paper Cup Project is here to help you make even more of a difference.

Recognition is key when it comes to driving awareness, and we want to help do just that. By teaming up, we will get your charity in the hands of more people. Literally. Our organic, non-intrusive method makes for a subtle introduction to your community. From the millennial to the baby boomer, the babycino drinker to the caffeine addicted.

We implore the community to snap original pictures with the hashtag #papercupproject to get us to donate $1 to the respective cause. It’s just another way to get people actively engaged. It’s also because we put our own money where our mouth is. 

We’re always on the hunt for not-for-profits to work with, and in turn help the wider community. For Paper Cup Project, no charity is too big or too small. We’ve worked with local do-gooders to global giants: the goal is always the same. So if you’re behind a good cause and want to see how Paper Cup Project can help, we'd love to meet up.  

We are currently working with;